Sunday, May 22, 2011

La Cage de Poulet

Look what my husband built.

Isn't it cool?

These girls seem to dig it.

Update on the Robin's eggs.....they've hatched.  We were up early this morning and found parts of the shell on the ground.

They're something only a mother could love, that's for sure.

But pretty cool just the same.

So few feathers.  You could tell they were really young because they could only hold their heads up for seconds before they flopped over.

Have a great week.




  1. Way to go Rob! My Rob would be so proud! So what's up with the chickens?

  2. Tanner is headed for the van so he can come see them "right now"!!! lol

    I think that La Cage de Poulet needs some mosaic tiling added to it...

  3. Kaye, your husband is talented! What a great coop! Isn't nature beautiful?! Love the pics of the baby robins.
    Have a great weekend!
    ~ Julie