Monday, June 6, 2011

Little Projects

I haven't posted in over a week because I'm working on stuff for the Shabby-tiques sale I'm doing with my friends next weekend.  I finished up some stuff and thought I'd share them with you.

These "stairs" were all black until I painted them.  Here's the best before picture I have.  I had it primed when I remembered to take my before picture.  Sorry, still working on that.

So I primed it, then gave it two coats of pink.  I have a couple shades of pink left over from when I painted my daughter's room.  This is a nice cotton candy shade of pink.  I can't remember the exact name but it is a Disney Color from Home Depot.

I used a left over spout and handle, from my mosaic projects, on this terra cotta pot.  I planted it with some Lipstick Impatiens. 

Check out these Mint Julep cups.  Aren't they adorable?  They're faux sterling and I've planted Blue Star Creeper in them.  They're so dainty.  I scored a set of six of these cups at my favorite boutique, Sally Ann's (a.k.a. Salvation Army).

I have a funny story about this bike.  I've been looking for one of these older bikes, with a basket, at garage sales but they've been on the expensive side.  I looked all over last summer and then I was up north at my parent's house and mentioned it to my Dad.  Low & behold he had two bikes; one in his garage and one behind the house. 

Hey, I told you I like "stuff" and obviously I come by that honestly as noted above with regard to my Dad.  He likes "stuff" too.  He wanted to give me both bikes but I was thinking of my husband when I declined the second.  wink-wink.

I have to admit, the color isn't exactly what I had in mind but the price sure was.  I might paint it a fun, bright color like hot pink?

I hope to get some other projects finished for the Shabby-tiques sale to share with you tomorrow.



  1. The bike is fabulous. I love using the tea spout and handle on that terra cotta pot! That is so cleaver!


  2. You certainly have the knack for making throwaways cute! I love the bike!

  3. Love the bike! And the mint julep cups are great finds! Good luck with your sale!

    I'm your newest follower! Hope you follow me too :).


  4. I want that bike It is cool love all your ideas too
    Have a fun time at the sale

  5. What a cool bike you got! Love it:) Wish you good luck on the sale:) Hope to see you on my blog!


  6. You are so resroucfeul! I can't get over it, you make amazing things.

    I'm going to miss you at the tag sale this weekend. I thought it was going to go WAY better than it did =\. I hope you stop by if you have time! I look forward to doing craft days again soon too.