Thursday, March 3, 2011

A cute jar........

This is a cute project I created for some crafting friends.  I hope they're not reading this right now because I am getting together with them on Sunday.  We like "containers" and I'm especially fond of canning jars.  It was super easy and I think it turned out pretty cute.

 I think the picture is self explanatory although the glue isn't pictured.  I used Weldbond because I had it and it dries clear.  Here's what I used:

I traced around the lid onto the back of a piece of material; green with brown polka-dots because who doesn't like polka-dots?  Then I did the same with 3 pieces of cotton batting but I cut the first circle small enough to fit into the sunken part of the lid leaving the metal rim exposed.  I then cut the next two circles slightly smaller than the previous one and glued them onto the lid, stacking them as I glued.  I cut slits into the edge of the material and did this around the entire circle.  This was to avoid "puckering"; sewing term I picked up to make myself sound smart. wink-wink.  I put a bead of Weldbond around the metal rim (next to the cotton batting circles) and popped the ring over the top and screwed it lightly onto the jar to dry over night.

The next day I unscrewed the lid and trimmed any material that was hanging over.  Be careful not to put the lid on the jar too tight; you don't want the material to come unglued from the lid.  You can put anything in these cute containers.  Here are some more pictures.

Cute, huh?  I like "stuff".  You'd think I was a scrapbooker but I'm not.

I just love me some "stuff", don't you?  LOL  Isn't that pink heart the cutest thing?  It's a pin and my friend Ahsley made it.  She and her Mom gave me most of this "stuff" at our last crafting session.  Yes, crafting session is a real term.  Ashley has a shop on Etsy and as soon as I find out the name of her shop, I'll let you know.  Her shop is called Tulmno.  You should see all the cute stuff she creates with felt.
Go check her out!



  1. Seriously people....she LOVES jars! She even drinks out of one most of the time! lol

    I love me some stuff!