Friday, March 11, 2011

Mosaic Sled

I'm going to show you a project that my daughter's 1st grade class did for the school's silent auction.  I had an old Radio Flyer sled in my garage; truth be told I had two of them (I told you I like "stuff").  Anyway, I had my husband cut a template out of Hardie Board, which is similar to cement board/green board, and mounted it in place of the three pieces of wood that used to be the seat. 

Then I went to everyone's favorite store, Hobby Lobby, and bought some Polystone letters to spell WELCOME.  They were out of the letter "C" but they assured me they would probably be on the truck that was coming in on Thursday and to check back Friday.  I was in a bit of a panic as time was running out.  I could purchase the "O" and cut it with my wet saw but what if these letters were hollow???  Then what would I fill it in with?  More panic set in.  There were large Polystone letters right by the small ones at HL, one was broken, and I could see it was hollow.  I asked the manager to call two other HL stores but they too were out of the letter "C".  So what's going on that requires the letter "C" people!!!  Fess up!!!

I had to punt.  I bought the "O" and cut it.

Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, it was solid!!!  The letters were gold, so I painted them black, glued them onto the Hardie board with liquid nails and took the sled to school.  I buttered up the Hardie board with liquid nails and let the kids put on pieces of white stained glass.  It was sooooo cute and they were so excited to take part in the class project.

I also added a border and grouted the sled.  I then took it back to school and took pictures of the kids with the sled.  They were SO excited to see what they created!  It was awesome!  So without further a due, here it is.

Sorry my pictures aren't fabulous but if you click on them, you can get a closer look.  I wasn't going for such a rustic look but I think it's kind of cute.  I hope it brings in some $$ for the auction.  Most of all I enjoyed working with the 1st graders.  They were so excited.  I cannot tell you how excited.



  1. I just took a picture of this in the display case this morning! I will probably post it later today with a link to this blog post!

  2. Beautiful!! Can't wait to see it in person at the auction!! Great Job!!

  3. this is awesome! Not sure how I missed it in my blogger view.

  4. Last comment and I have to go or you might think I am stalking you. Great idea, I wish I had tried a mosiac, I finally threw out all my broken china that I had been hoarding for at least 5 years in hopes to be inspired. Oh well china gets broken all the time with 3 kids. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. This is beautiful! I am a new follower sent by Momo. Would love for you to visit my blog.