Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Slipcover for a Resin Chair

I am not a sewer although I wish I could say that I was.  Sewers have their own language.  It's true.  I've read the patterns and I haven't a clue!  But, I am happy to say I made a slip cover for this cheap, white, resin/plastic chair.  You probably have some; the ones that do not come clean no matter how hard you scrub?  Yeah, that's them. 

This is how she looked before she got her new party dress.  Actually, this is one of four chairs that used to be my diningroom chairs when I was in college.  I think I bought them at Rite-Aid for $4.99 each.  I know, big spender.  Here she is now!!

Ok, if you insist, here's another picture.

We never have enough seating in our back yard during the summer.  Someone drops by and we're scrambling to get these chairs out of the garage and scrubbed down.  The stains are so bad our guests still look at us with doubt in their eyes, even though they just witnessed me scrubbing it down like my life depended on it.  But not this summer.  No ah-ah.  I'll be ready. 

Here's a picture of  the Kwik Sew pattern I used.

I'm linking up to some parties today; my chair has a new dress!!



  1. Oh I'm so glad my butt will be sitting in style this summer!!! Wahooo!!!!

  2. Kaye,
    Cute idea!
    Can'twait to see more:)
    Welcome to the blog world!
    Melissa sent me.

  3. Wow Kaye Great job...
    I am really glad you started a blog always room for more Ideas and you sure seem to have a lot of them can't wait to see more!

  4. Amazing job! Love and simple!

  5. Great job! I have not tried a slipcover using a pattern, for some reason I think it is more confusing. I love the print.

  6. Would you be interested in making some of these up if I sent you the fabric?

  7. if, so please let me know what you would charge