Monday, March 21, 2011


Do you remember my first blog post, when I ran material through our new printer?  If you don't, you can read about it here.  The part where I say, don't tell my husband.....yeah that part definitely still stands.  (wink-wink)

I finished the pillow today (hear that?  They're cheering for me).  I think it turned out pretty cute.  I learned a lot and I can honestly say, it really wasn't rocket science!!!  Here it is.

Not bad, eh??  Ok, if you insist.  Here is  another picture......

I bought this amazing ribbon at Hobby Lobby.  It's dark brown and it has already been run through a ruffler.  I saw it and fell in love.  It couldn't have been a deep-seeded love because I didn't buy enough to finish the pillow.  No worries though, after my friend Melissa saw the ribbon she went straight to HL and bought some.  So she generously gave me some.  Thank you.

I worked on the  piece I ran through the printer the day I spent with my crafting friends, earlier this month.  Like a greenhorn-blogger, I forgot my camera but thankfully my friend Chris had a great idea:  take a picture of me working on my pillow!!! Dah.

Here's that part finished.

Today I sewed the front and back together.

Again, here it is in all its fabulousness.

LOVE it.

Now go send some material through your printer, I won't tell your husband!!


I'm party-hopping today with my pillow!  Go check out these blogs!!


  1. need to change the name of your blog to "Don't Tell My Husband" least give it subtitle credit!

    It looks even better in person and I love the texture of the fabric! It is beautiful! You are very welcome for the trim to finish it off! I still have some left for a card or two! :)

  2. I ran some material through my printer the other day and my husband thought I was a GENIUS! {Ha!} I didn't tell him I got the inspiration from blogland...I'll let him keep thinkin I'm a genius! You pillow looks darling by the way! XOXO

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving your comment. Lovely pillow dear...

  4. I love your pillow! I haven't been brave enough to try running fabric through my expensive printer yet. Your pillow is motivating me, though. I love the brown, ruffled ribbon trim you chose too!

    Thanks for your kind comment about my chandelier :)